Özpa Textile has delivered its own international brands Tony Montana and Cappalo products to tens of thousands of consumers with big investments.

Our company, Tony Montana, which has a place in both domestic and foreign markets, has announced its success in all countries where its products are sold with its innovative and high quality products.


Since 1994, ÖZPA Textile has gained a respectable place in the textile sector with its business ethics and confidence.

ÖZPA Textile, which has succeeded in making its name known with its high quality production in the field of men's clothing, has produced thousands of consumers by producing for major sports clubs and leading brands in the sector.


France, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Israel, Iran, Iraq are the leading countries where our products are sold in foreign markets.

With its aesthetic, comfortable and original designs for consumer needs, it also contributes to the national economy by expanding its export network day by day.


We follow our trends with our innovative perspective, we carry out our studies by carrying out all researches and analyzes in the field of fabric and accessories before our collections with our innovative and technological investments. We are working to present all the trends of the sector to you. Our process is carried out in cooperation with R & D design and purchasing teams.

After the R & D process, 6 months before the collection is put on the market, fashionable, visual tastes are taken into consideration, different designs and colors are searched for design preparation. Before the designs are submitted to production, the model household, which is located in the company, leaves the design department in order to start the production process, leaving behind the washing tests, product screening stage and stock production cost stage.

In the design process carried out with great care, all the yarns are processed into weaving machines and turned into knitwear.

After the R & D and design stages, the production approval for the fabrics that leave the necessary tests behind, the products are drawn with gerber technology, measured in detail and cut and distributed to production lines.

After completing the process of cutting the fabrics, all products passed through all tests with advanced technological machines and auto control systems through the custom-tailored section of the products are provided by special follow-up sewing stage is performed. In the packaging process of the products, the products are subjected to quality control by the quality management unit.

The products that are finished at the sewing stage are examined on the basis of the quality management of the company and directed to the packaging process upon the approval of quality control.

Each product that has been approved by the final quality control approval process is packed with precision and shipped to customers. Produced products can be followed up from the dispatch stage to the store windows.

M2 Production Facility
Years History


Our company was founded in 1994 under the name of Özpa Textile until 1998, a positive momentum, has grown in a short period of 4 years. With the growth provided, Özpa Tekstil has launched its own brand. With the rise and success of our company, the formation process of our brand, which was inspired by the name of Tony Montana, the protagonist of Scarface, was completed in 1998. In 2019, with our 21 years of brand experience, the products of our Tony Montana brand were offered for sale in more than 50 countries as 100% domestic production. Our brand has become the symbol of the quality of Turkish production in the countries it is included in the market. Tony Montana has taken its place in the world market by providing the brand philosophy that it adopts as the leading brand in the sector in a short time.