About Us


ÖZPA Textile took a first step in 1994 and brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion world with a new brand to direct men’s fashion. Soon, the Tony Montana brand became a pioneer in men’s fashion. It exports its products to 50 countries around the world with the motto ‘The Fashion Yours,. By combining the latest technology with fashion, Tony Montana produces every product for men’s fashion with a monthly production volume of 500,000. With more than 300 employees and a quarter of a century of experience, we continue our production with new models every season. ÖZPA Textile has more than 100 knitwear machines, more than 30 jacquard collar knitting machines, polyprint digital printing machines, barudan brand embroidery machines and 40.000 m² closed production area.


Our company was founded in 1994 under the name of Özpa Textile until 1998, a positive momentum, has grown in a short period of 4 years. With the growth provided, Özpa Tekstil has launched its own brand. With the rise and success of our company, the formation process of our brand, which was inspired by the name of Tony Montana, the protagonist of Scarface, was completed in 1998. In 2019, with our 21 years of brand experience, the products of our Tony Montana brand were offered for sale in more than 50 countries as 100% domestic production. Our brand has become the symbol of the quality of Turkish production in the countries it is included in the market. Tony Montana has taken its place in the world market by providing the brand philosophy that it adopts as the leading brand in the sector in a short time.


Our mission is to reach all countries of the world by offering quality and comfort together, aiming excellence in all stages of the process, sensitive to human and environment while producing.


Our vision is to become one of the 10 most successful, valuable and sustainable brands in the world market in the near future with its 100% Turkish capital.

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With our employees who graduated from related departments of the sector, our company has been growing and developing since 1994 with the değer value added by our employees and the importance that our company attaches to our employees 25 for 25 years. Our company has started its story with 6 people and today the number of personnel exceeds 300 periodically. Our strong human resources team takes care of all the needs of our current employees. Every part of our company, which attaches great importance to occupational safety, is regularly inspected by experts.